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Graphic Storyteller, Nikki Kurt

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Nikki Kurt has spent the last 7+ Years perfecting this method for you –with her favorite tools she's collected all over the world and from all areas of her life:

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As a Soul Archaeologist and Seer, Nikki connects people, energy, and words through her intuitive practice of healing as Art, known as Graphic Storytelling. Through deep listening, she process complex thoughts, ideas, and relationships into simple visuals to reveal the essence of the message being shared. All in real time.


Nikki uses her background in Communications Design and Illustration from Pratt Institute, alongside her many years of experience working in the Design and Innovation fields, and being deeply inspired by the subtle realms of spirituality as the foundation for this creative practice – serving the greatest clarity of all.


She has drawn and spoken in front of groups of thousands, has led intimate 1:1 healing sessions, and has trained people all over the world in her method, to fully empower people's human potential of listening, trusting, and creation as a practice for oneself and to serve others.

Nikki Kurt will help you visualize your message to share with the world!

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