- Launching SPRING 2020 -

The Art of Graphic Storytelling

Are you ready to recognize yourself on a deeper level – to get out of your own way – so that you can be that pure channel of listening, creativity, and joy?


Design Philosophies

Understand intuitive design + how to simplify complex information

Mindfulness Practices

Use ancient wisdoms to align yourself + your creative body quickly and efficiently

Active Listening

Practice how to connect to the energy of the spoken word + be in full communication


Recall the moment as a child when you were told " you're not very good at drawing " 


Imagine having a toolkit of creativite approaches and techniques to actually help you enhance your listening skills to improve retention of any information you hear!

What is its purpose?

+ be present to words 

+ restore focus

+ explore creative possibilities

+ highlight and summarize spoken word 

+ create visual hierarchy of information

Why is it good for me?

This course is designed to get you back into your flow of creating from a place of joy! It is designed for all backgrounds* and levels of expertise, and for any type of learner.

*no background in art or design is required

In this course you'll create: ‚Äč

+ a toolkit of approaches and techniques to enhance creativity

+ a custom library of symbols and visual words 

+ your live drawing practice of live through 3+ guided activation opportunities 


It's YOUR Time

to be a fully empowered creative being in 2020


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